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Deep Core Aeration:

Lawn aeration is typically thought of as a lawn care service. The concept of this service is to improve water penetration into the soil where your lawns' roots are. This also applies to your trees.



Drought like conditions over the last several years has caused high mortality rates for Edmonton's Trees. Stressing trees and inviting a host of other problems. This is quit evident, especially in our Birch trees, some other species are more tolerant but may also show signs of decline.


Dried, hardened and cracked soils increases run

off of water. A proper watering schedule would

have minimized this affect. Aeration helps reduce

run off and increases water penetration of the

soil. This benefits both your lawn and trees.


At Just Trees Canada Inc. we use a deep core

aerator which typically pulls a 2" plug from your

lawn, not normally done by a standard roll type

aerator. This ensures deep penetration of the

soil. Plugs are left on the lawn and gradually

break down through mowing and watering.


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