Cabling and Bracing is the installation of hardware into a tree to reduce the risk of failure. We use traditional steel cable and rods for our tree support systems. This system has proven itself over and over again and has been used for over 100 years. Newer systems have come into play and the marketing behind them would have you believe that these new systems are superior to traditional steel cables systems. These newer systems are extremely expensive and are an eyesore. At Just Trees Canada Inc. we would rather stick with what we know works, a system that has proven itself. Although our systems are invasive, we know that a steel cable system will not girdle stems or trunks and it reduces the chance of failure.

  Combined with regular tree maintenance, a steel cabling and bracing system can prolong the existence of a large or mature tree in the landscape. Give us a call and see if your tree is a good candidate for cabling and bracing.


  What Makes A Good Candidate For Cabling And Brace

  - Trees with poor attachments

  - Trees with multiple stems or trunks

  - Some trees with splits and cracks

  - Trees with tree support systems 10 years or older, should be inspected and adjusted if necessary to compensate for growth since installation.