Managing trees on infill construction sites in Edmonton can be very challenging, space for equipment can be very limiting if trees are to be preserved. Even with the best intentions not all trees should be preserved and not all trees should removed. Death or damage to a tree may not always be immediately visible. Death of tree may take as long as 10 years. Symptoms of decline can be misleading or confusing due to the lag in the tree's reaction time. Pre planning in the early stages before construction begins, will greatly improve the chances of tree survival and minimize damage done by heavy equipment and people. An ISA Certified Arborist should be consulted in the pre planning stages and retained for monitoring of the trees health during the construction process.

  Trees with the greatest chance of survival should be selected for preservation if they do not interfere with the new structure and utilities. Younger healthy immature trees have a better chance of surviving the construction process as they are more vigorous than a large mature tree. Mature trees are slower to react to damaged portions but are extremely prized.

Trees and Construction Edmonton

 Trees to be preserved in Edmonton construction sites should be protected with barriers to keep people and equipment out of the Critical Root Zone or Tree Protection Zone. Care should also be taken when excavating near the critical root zone. Exposed roots should be hand pruned to ensure a nice clean cut. This will help speed up the healing process and minimize potential diseases from establishing to the trees root system.

Roots completely severed


 Care should also be taken to protect the neighbouring property’s trees. Trees do not know our legal boundaries and invisible lines that define property. Trees will grow where there is opportunity. Their root systems will also likely be infringing onto the infills construction site. Neighbouring trees should also have their critical root system protected. Neighbours should be consulted as to what kind of ground disturbance is happening and to convey intentions on minimizing the damaging effects to their tree. If no concern is shown for neighbouring trees there is a high probability that the tree may decline in health and a possibility of the tree becoming wind thrown.

 If you require assistance before or during the building process, please contact us. At Just Trees we have ISA Certified Arborists ready to assist you with your pre and post construction needs for your trees. 

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